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We help pilots generate cash flow and multiply their capital through Real Estate

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What if you could fly less and still make the same amount of money?

What if you never missed another one of your kid's baseball practice?

What about going on more adventures with your family?

All this is possible.

As pilots we are lucky to have high paying jobs. If done correctly, you can full control of your lifestyle at a young age.

Why wait until you are 65 to start truly enjoying life?

By doing the right math and investing in the right assets you can start complementing your active income with passive income from your investments. 

This will allow you to not have to work your full schedule and have the flexibility to drop or swap trips as desired. 

We can help you do this!

I help Pilots get on the ‘flight path’ to financial freedom

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Satch Bernhardt | CEO

Satch is a real estate investor and former airline pilot for a U.S. carrier. His flying career ended when his airline shut down in the middle of the pandemic in 2020.

This was a turning point in his mission with real estate. It made him realize how fragile airline careers are and he wants to help as many airline pilots as possible get financial security through real estate.

He is a Co-GP on $77MM / 350 units and is invested as a Limited Partner in $148MM worth of Real Estate / 726 doors. 

Satch lives in Florida with his wife who is a helicopter pilot and their son. 

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the Leading Edge Against the Stock Market

Bernhardt Capital was founded to help pilots get an edge against the volatility of the stock market through recession-resistant Real Estate. We specialize in finding assets that create cash flow and multiply capital for our investors. 

Preserving your hard earned money is our priority and our investment strategy ensures that you can achieve asymmetrical returns. 

We want to make sure you have the best passive investment experience so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!


We currently hold equity as LP or GP in the following properties:

The Aliso 
176 units – San Antonio, TX

Projected returns:

Equity Multiple 1.85X 
Preferred Return 7% 
5 yr. Avg Cash Flow 8.9% 
IRR 14.71%
Average Annual Return 16.86

Rise Midtown 
200 units – Phoenix, AZ

Projected returns:

Equity Multiple 1.99X
Preferred Return 8% 
5 yr. Avg Cash Flow 6.6% 
IRR 15.7%
Average Annual Return 19.8%

Domain at Morgan’s Landing
350 units – La Porte, TX

Projected returns:

Equity Multiple 2.17X
Preferred Return 6%
IRR 17.26%
Average Annual Return 23.55%

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