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About Us

Satch Bernhardt is a former airline pilot for a U.S. carrier. In 2018 he began his career as a real estate investor by flipping houses. In 2020 his airline shut down. Fortunately, he had already established himself in the real estate industry with his business producing enough income for him but he knew how many of his peers were really affected by this. This was a turning point in Satch’s mission with real estate. 

He realized how a pilot’s life can change so quickly. In the airline industry you don’t carry over your longevity to another airline, you simply start at the bottom like everyone else.

Also as a pilot, you can develop a medical condition that results in the inability to pass a first class medical.  

Airline pilot careers are very fragile. 

This is why Satch started Bernhardt Capital to help all pilots get on the flight path to financial freedom through real estate.

Through Bernhardt Capital pilots invest alongside him in large value-add multifamily deals across the sunbelt.

These type of investments require zero time and no real estate experience from the pilot. Simply invest and build up your cash flow and capital. 

Imagine your life if you didn’t have to do any of those trips you don’t want to do. Simply drop them! You don’t need to work. 

Live life at Pilot’s discretion!



We currently hold equity as LP or GP in the following properties:

The Aliso 
176 units – San Antonio, TX

Projected returns:

Equity Multiple 1.85X 
Preferred Return 7% 
5 yr. Avg Cash Flow 8.9% 
IRR 14.71%
Average Annual Return 16.86

Rise Midtown 
200 units – Phoenix, AZ

Projected returns:

Equity Multiple 1.99X
Preferred Return 8% 
5 yr. Avg Cash Flow 6.6% 
IRR 15.7%
Average Annual Return 19.8%

Domain at Morgan’s Landing
350 units – La Porte, TX

Projected returns:

Equity Multiple 2.17X
Preferred Return 6%
IRR 17.26%
Average Annual Return 23.55%