10 questions to ask a syndicator 

  As a new investor you may hesitate to invest in Real Estate syndications because you may be wondering if there is anything you should know about a specific deal and you simply don’t know what it should be or what questions to ask.  I want you to be confident when investing, so I put […]

How much can Pilots make in Real Estate Syndications?

  It is easy to get confused with so many terms used in syndications that the actual profit potential can be somewhat misunderstood. A standard return profile for a Real Estate syndication in a value-add multifamily project aims to 2x (double) investor’s money in a 3-5 year period.   If you invest $50,000 into a deal, you […]

The Runway To Financial Freedom

  As pilots we endure a unique lifestyle that really wears us out. Especially if you are a commuter, your already long trips become even longer. Even on a regular day… between weather, mechanical issues, and flow control delays, we can be on duty for way too many hours. Then you might even have to […]

How Pilots Can Double Their Money

    When I started flying as an airline pilot I did the traditional thing- Invest a portion of my paycheck into the company-provided 401(k) and max it out.  After all, everyone does this so it must be the best thing to do, right?  Some background on the 401(k). They were created as a supplement […]

Real Estate Syndication – The Fast Blueprint

Real estate syndications give investors an opportunity to invest in large real estate deals that are not normally available to them. It doesn’t require real estate experience nor any of your time. It is the best way to leverage your money and other people’s time. These types of deals yield monthly cash flow and build […]

3 Reasons Multifamily is the Best Investment During Recessions

Not all real estate is created equally.  Non-professional real estate investors tend to mistakenly generalize all real estate under one big umbrella.  Each asset class performs differently under different market conditions and areas.  If you remember, the market crash of 2008, single-family homes got crushed, but a lot of multifamily properties thrived.    Let’s take […]

<strong>How Taxes Work In Syndications</strong>

So you are about ready to get things going to invest in a syndication. Now the only thing holding you back is how Uncle Sam will tax your investment.  Now I’m not a certified accountant and I encourage you to speak with your accountant regarding this (preferably one that knows about syndications). Generally speaking, most […]

Financial Freedom Formula

So what does financial freedom mean? I consider financial freedom when you have reached a point where your passive income meets or exceeds your financial obligations and when you no longer depend on your active or earned income to live your lifestyle. This is possible through Real Estate and especially syndications. As opposed to the […]

What does the process look like when investing in a syndication

Okay so you have been looking at plenty of offerings and finally chose one that fits what you are looking for. What’s next?  Typically you will have to soft commit. This is simply filling out a basic form saying you are interested in investing in this deal. This does not bind you in any way. […]

<strong>How to become a millionaire with $50K!</strong>

Deep Sea Equities Investments

Download my FREE eBOOK www.BernhardtCapital.net  This is not another get rich quick scheme. This is a get rich for sure play. Something that is possible through real estate syndications. Consider for example that you are only going to invest $50,000 in a syndication and will never add more capital to it. You are simply going […]